Maria D. Campbell

Philosophy and Mission

Full Stack Developer who designs, develops, and teaches experiences that make people's lives simpler. I have built and taught all things JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I am also passionate about all things Git and Command Line. I feel it important that people (or students) should become better acquainted with their operating systems and understand how they work under the hood, and what better way than the Command Line and Git. In addition, Command Line is essential for working with a variety of developer tools. I have taught on two operating systems. Windows and macOS. I work on both myself. I discovered that more and more of my students were using Windows, and I did not want to exclude that population. I covered the Windows CMD Prompt and PowerShell, Git, Node.js and npm. Everything the macOS users installed and used, the Windows users installed the equivalent of and used as well. This made the teaching all inclusive. I took a very hands on approach, and believe in learning by doing. I am a strong proponent of the Maker Culture as regards Web Development, and my goal was (and still is) to foster it in my teaching and building. Since the onset of COVID-19, I began teaching seniors about their computers too. I found senior students CAN be very eager and quick to learn. Now I would like to apply this philosophy and mission outside of the classroom! Seeking the next adventure that would match the skills and experience I have to offer!

Teaching is great, but there is nothing like building applications, especially as part of a team, or helping others find solutions to their technological issues, which are useful to them and contribute to bettering and/or making their lives simpler!

Professional Experience

Adjunct Professor – Present

New York City College of Technology Brooklyn, N.Y.

Communication Design

  • Teaching COMD2451 Web Design 1 Fall 2022 Semester On Site.
  • Teaching COMD2451 Web Design 1 Spring 2022 Semester Hybrid.
  • Teaching COMD3663 Dynamic Web 1 Fall 2021 Semester Online.
  • Teaching COMD2451 Web Design 1 Spring 2021 Semester Online. Tools used are Blackboard Ultra for video recording/screensharing, Google Meet for screenshare meetings on the fly, and the Discord app for communication between classes. Course content including slide decks and homework assignments hosted on Github. Students are added as collaborators to a private course repository on Github. Slide decks created with the reveal.js markdown version (reveal-md npm package) for quicker completion of the decks.
  • Teaching COMD3663 Dynamic Web 1 in Spring Semesters. Focuses on Modern JavaScript, mostly on the frontend, and wraps up with creating an API application with a Node.js/Express.js backend server deployed to Heroku.
  • Seamlessly transitioned the class from on-site learning to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic using tools such as Discord, Black Board Ultra, and Github.
  • Students could contact fellow students and share information related to JavaScript/course on Discord, and I did the same. I believe it important to be able to maintain continuous communication with my students.

Developer – Present

Inter-Global Media Network, Inc. N.Y. N.Y.

Calvin Klein Inc.

DBA Inter-Global Media Network, Inc.
  • Updated Calvin Klein, Inc. Legal Department’s Trademark System Management – Computer Packages, Inc. (CPI) Database

WordPress Developer

Photographer/Video/Blogger N.Y. N.Y.

  • Artists included: Glamour Kings • Christine Zufferey • VNV Nation • Combichrist • Mortiis • London After Midnight • Emilie Autumn • Abney Park • Life Cried • Jessica Vale • The Last Dance • XP8.
  • Video-taped live shows and uploaded them to my website for viewing.
  • Photographed live shows and uploaded them to my website for viewing and used them towards blog posts regarding coverage of the shows.
  • Reviewed live shows and used my photo/video coverage as reference to them.
  • Reviewed music albums.
  • Designed and maintained WordPress website. Used plugins such as Buddypress to create an online community of art and music enthusiasts.
  • Learning how to create my own website out of necessity is what made me fall in love with web development and subsequently go back to school and pursue a career in the field.

Creative Director

Borghese, Inc. N.Y. N.Y.

  • Contributed to the generation of digital photographic images, creative process in design and content of packaging, marketing collateral, and advertisement in conjunction with marketing.

Marketing Asst.

Manifesto, Coty Cosmetics N.Y. N.Y.

  • Conducted market research, coordinated creation & routing of artwork, created concept boards & swatch sheets, mockups, and presentations

Exec. Asst/Intern. Coord.

Marvel Entertainment, Inc. N.Y. N.Y.

  • Interviewed, hired, and managed all Marvel interns & some became Marvel’s future talent.
  • Initiated the expansion of the Marvel internship program and a section on the company website dedicated to hiring interns.